Dedicated service and support

Our Relationship Managers are the main point of contact for all your equity compensation needs and a gateway to the financial solutions available to you as an Executive Services participant.

Tenured professionals working for you

When you have equity compensation questions or want help making the most of your finances, our dedicated Relationship Managers are the people to call.

Establishing your priorities and concerns

We work with you one-on-one to understand your financial goals and connect you with customizable solutions to fit your unique needs.

Strategic investment planning and financial guidance

We’ll help you create a holistic action plan that integrates your equity compensation benefits and other assets to target your financial goals.

Boutique-like service at your command

Anytime you have questions, you’ll have a dedicated team who knows you, understands your goals, and is already familiar with your accounts.

knowledgeable support that's there when you need it

Knowledgeable support that’s there when you need it

Our Relationship Managers are your primary point of contact for virtually any equity compensation or financial need.

  • Licensed Relationship Managers are highly trained professionals with up to 30 years of equity compensation experience
  • They can connect you with an array of financial services at E*TRADE, including investment advice, liquidity solutions, and wealth management
  • We will collaborate with you to strategize and execute on financial solutions that meet your unique objectives
  • Relationship managers can help you understand your equity compensation benefits, explain how your grants work, and walk you through the tax implications
knowledgeable support that's there when you need it

Personalized solutions available at your finger tips

Reach out to us for help with specialized financial solutions, such as:

  • Flexible liquidity solutions
  • Customized 10b5-1 plans
  • Professionally managed portfolios
  • Comprehensive wealth management