Advice and guidance

As an Executives Services participant, you have access to a specialized team of professionals who can help you analyze your current financial picture to understand where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

Customized support tailored to your unique needs

Our experienced team can help you integrate your company stock holdings into an overall financial plan.

Save time

Whether your needs are simple or complex, our team will work with you to find solutions quickly and efficiently.

On-going monitoring

We monitor the markets and perform continuous reviews and rebalancing to help you meet your goals.

Valued partnership

We can complement your existing relationships outside of E*TRADE and help you build portfolios that fit into your broader financial picture.

Personalized wealth management image

Managing equity awards

Our equity compensation specialists can:

  • Review your current holdings to identify risk and optimize your portfolio
  • Recommend strategies to help balance your portfolio
  • Help you leverage your assets to meet your financial goals
  • Work with you to create 10b5-1 plans for pre-scheduled, automatic trades of company stock
Managing equity awards image

Personalized wealth management

Whether you’re creating a new financial plan or updating an existing one, our team will work with you to understand your unique goals and connect you with the customized solutions to meet your needs including:

  • Access to cash for large expenses (e.g., education costs, real estate, health care)
  • Meeting various income requirements over time
  • Coordinating with your tax professional to help optimize your financial plan for taxes and align charitable giving with your investment strategy