Morgan Stanley's Mid-Year Outlook

The Thoughts on the Market podcast delivers insightful analysis on the events that shape the market. All brought to you by a variety of voices within Morgan Stanley.

The below compilation of podcasts explores Morgan Stanley Research analysts' outlook on the markets and the economy for the second half of 2022.

Keeping it Simple in Turbulent Times


While there continues to be turbulence in many sectors, such as energy and food, some Asia and Emerging Markets may fare better than others through the second half of an already hectic 2022.

The Changing Story of Inflation


So far, this year's economic story has been dominated by inflation and central bank policy, but as that landscape changes, is it time to shift focus back towards growth?

Will Treasury Yields Move Higher? 


With growth slowing and the Fed focused on fighting inflation, investors should note that the outlook for government bonds depends on more than just central bank policy.

2022 Mid-Year Takeaways


As we enter the second half of 2022, the market is signaling a continued de-rating of equities, lingering challenges for consumers, and an increased bearishness among equity investors.

Mid-Year Outlook: European Energy & Growth Challenges


With rising prices already on the minds of investors and consumers, the outlook in Europe remains challenged across supply chains, inflation rates, and energy markets. Chief European Economist Jens Eisenschmidt and Global Oil Strategist and Head of the European Energy Team Martijn Rats discuss.

Mid-Year Economic Outlook: Slowing or Stopping?


As we forecast the remainder of an already uncertain 2022, new questions have emerged around economic data, inflation, and the potential for a recession. Chief Cross Asset Strategist Andrew Sheets and Chief Global Economist Seth Carpenter discuss.

The Mid-Year Outlook for European Markets


The mid-year outlook for European stocks sees markets encountering a variety of challenges to equity performance, but there may still be some interesting opportunities for investors.

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