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Geopolitical Perspectives

Get ongoing insights on the crisis in Ukraine and its potential effects on markets and economies around the globe.

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Will gas prices come down?


As the US government attempts to combat high gas prices by drawing on its oil reserves, investors should pay attention to the impacts on the US economy and consumer behavior.

Oil, gas, and the clean energy transition 


As oil and gas prices rise, governments and investors must weigh investment in clean energy initiatives and new capacity in traditional energy commodities.

A false choice for energy policy


As oil prices rise across the globe, investors wonder if governments will continue to incentivize clean energy development or pivot to greater investment in traditional fossil fuels.

Commodities, geopolitical risk and Asia & EM equities


As global markets face a rise in commodity prices due to geopolitical conflict, investors in Asia and EM equities will want to keep an eye on the divergence between commodity exporters and importers.

The macro impacts of oil prices


With the rising cost of oil comes concerns around economic growth, but the distinction between the impact in Europe and the US is important, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors.

Stagflation pressure meets pricing power


As European markets price in slowing growth, increased inflation and geopolitical tensions, pricing power is a potential focus for European investors looking to weather the storm.

A different story for global markets


While the US continues to see high valuations, rising inflation, and slow policy tightening, the story is quite different for many markets outside the US.

Key questions amid geopolitical tensions


The recent crisis in Ukraine has caused a great deal of uncertainty in the economy and markets. To cut through the noise, we take a look at the three key questions we are hearing from investors.

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