Morgan Stanley's 2022 Outlook

The Thoughts on the Market podcast delivers thoughtful analysis on the events that shape the market. All brought to you by a variety of voices within Morgan Stanley.

The below compilation of podcasts explores Morgan Stanley Research analysts' outlook on the markets and the economy for the year ahead.

2022 US Economic Outlook: Gauging Inflation, Labor, & the Fed


The US economy is in a unique moment of uncertainty but headed into 2022, shifts in inflation, the labor market, and Fed policy tell a constructive story.

2022 European Equities Outlook: Volatility Inbound


With investors expected to deal with an increase in volatility in 2022, the outlook for European equities remains strong into next year.

2022 Asia Equities Outlook: Key Debates


Morgan Stanley’s Chief Asia and Emerging Markets Strategist highlights the key debates around his team’s outlook on the region’s growth, policy changes, and more in the coming year.

Twists and Turns In 2022


An overview of expectations for the year ahead across inflation, policy, asset classes, and more. As with 2021, analysts expect many twists and turns along the way.

2022 Global Economic Outlook: Optimism in the New Year


Morgan Stanley’s Chief Global Economist shares the team’s economic outlook for 2022 and how consumer spending, labor, and inflation contribute to that story.

In 2022, Stock Picking May Lead


Coming out of a year marked by greater uncertainty and volatility, 2022 is poised to be a year which favors single stock investing over a focus on style and sector.