Taking a stand with socially responsible investing


Who says you can't do well by doing good? 

There are a wide range of socially responsible companies and funds whose business models and investment policies may match up with your beliefs. Socially responsible and sustainable investing helps you pursue your financial goals through companies that practice and promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights, and diversity. That's a position we can all celebrate.
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Socially Responsible Funds

These funds utilize an investment approach that may consider both financial return and social good. A socially conscious fund may emphasize, for example, environmentally friendly companies, or firms with diverse hiring practices. This group also includes funds that avoid investing in companies perceived as causing social harm, such as those involved in the alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or defense industries.

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Socially responsible investment strategies may limit the types and number of investment opportunities available to an ETF and, as a result, may produce returns that underperform or diverge from other funds that do not have an SRI focus or from those of the broad market.

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