Futures for Stock Traders: The New CME Micro E-minis

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Index-based ETFs like SPY or QQQ are some of the most popular trading vehicles for stock traders today. Micro E-mini futures, a new product from the CME, can help supplement your trading in these benchmark indexes, but with some additional benefits like no management fees, extended market access, and capital efficiencies.

David Lerman

David Lerman
Director of Education, CME Group

David Lerman is the Director of Education at CME Group. In his role, David has traveled around the globe giving seminars and workshops to retail and institutional audiences on risk management and trading using equity index futures and options. He is also the author of Exchange Traded Funds and E-Mini Stock Index Futures (published by John Wiley & Sons).

Prior to joining the CME in 1988, David was a member at the Chicago Board of Trade, where he traded futures and options on US Treasury Bonds. He was also Senior Portfolio Manager at Zavanelli Portfolio Research, an investment management firm. David taught investment management at Harper College and has lectured at the Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management. He received his BA in molecular biology from the University of Chicago.