Understanding how bonds fit within a portfolio

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Whether you are saving for your first home or about to retire, bonds are likely to be an essential part of your investment portfolio. That is because bonds offer investors a number of potential benefits, including income, diversification, price appreciation, and steadier returns when compared to stocks. Join David Braun, PIMCO Managing Director and Portfolio Manager for BOND, as he discusses active and passive approaches to fixed income investing.


David Braun, CFA, FSA, FRM
Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, PIMCO

Mr. Braun is a managing director and generalist portfolio manager at PIMCO’s New York office. Mr. Braun joined PIMCO in 2009 and is head of the US financial institutions group (FIG) and stable value portfolio management teams. He is also a senior member of both the liability-driven investment team and the US core portfolio management team. He oversees management of fixed income investment portfolios for institutional and retail clients. Mr. Braun has 25 years of investment, risk management (including chief risk officer of a large investment company), and actuarial experience. He holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Connecticut. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a certified Financial Risk Manager.