Using the Mobile Futures Ladder

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Learn how to use the mobile futures ladder

1.       Once logged on to your OptionsHouse app on your phone, you’ll be at the dashboard screen.

2.       Tap the menu button at the bottom right of the screen and select “Ladder”.

The OptionsHouse futures trading ladder will appear with a default futures symbol populated.


3.       To change the symbol, tap on the symbol to display the search menu and enter a new one.


4.     Once the ladder is displayed, it will show:

·       The current market price highlighted in yellow in the middle of the ladder

·       Market depth to the downside in green

·       Market depth to the upside in red


5.     Tap “Price” to center the ladder around the current price.


6.     To place a trade from the ladder, next to the corresponding desired trade price click:

·       Green box to buy, or

·       Red box to sell

This will open up an order ticket. You can either edit or send to the market.


7.      When placing or selling an order:

·       Tap in the bid column above the market to place a buy stop order, or

·       Tap in the ask column below the market to place a sell stop order


8.     Use quick action buttons at the top of the ladder to execute trades using different order types:

·       Buy Market

·       Sell Market

·       Flatten

·       Reverse

·       Cancel

9.     Choose your default account, quantity and duration to set up trades near the top of the ladder.

10.   Modify or cancel your placed order by:

·       Tapping on your order in the ladder, or

·       By going to Portfolio > Orders and swiping left on an order


11.   Track your activity by looking at the position information at the top of the ladder.

With the mobile futures ladder at E*TRADE, you can quickly and efficiently execute your futures trades and manage your futures positions, even when you’re on the go!