Using the E*TRADE Bond Screener

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How to Use the E*TRADE Bond Screener

Use the E*TRADE Bond Screener tool to search through a large variety of fixed income products that match your investing criteria.

1.       Log on to your E*TRADE account, navigate to the “Trading” tab, and select “Bonds.”

2.       Select the “Search & Trade” tab.

3.       To search for a specific CUSIP or a particular issuer, enter that information under the “Search for Specific Issues” section and click “View Results.”

4.       For a more comprehensive search, select the bond type from the “Security Type” drop-down menu. The secondary filter alongside Security type will vary depending on the product.

  • Note: You can make multiple selections for secondary filters using the control-click functionality.  

5.       Start filtering the basic criteria by selecting a range for maturity dates, desired credit ratings, and the price range you’d be prepared to pay. Also, enter the desired yield and coupon payment range.  

  • If you need clarification on any on the selection criteria, click the question mark for help.

6.       Use the additional parameters within the advanced screener to further customize your search.

  • Some of these advanced features include callable, coupon, and taxable features.

7.       Before you review the results, choose how you’d like your search results displayed—sorted by up to two criteria from the dropdown choices.

8.       When ready, click the green “View Results” button to view all the bonds that fit your designated criteria.

With the E*TRADE Bond Screener tool, you can search through a large variety of fixed income products to identify and trade investments that align with your goals.