Identifying Opportunities Using LiveAction

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How to Use the E*TRADE LiveAction Tool

Do you look for “hidden” opportunities in the market? LiveAction gives traders a powerful technological edge by scanning the market for potential trading opportunities with more than 60 preset scans for unusual activity and volatility indicators.

1.     Log on to your E*TRADE account, hover over the “Trading” tab and select Power E*TRADE from the dropdown choices to launch the platform.

2.     From the “Markets” tab, select “LiveAction” to access the tool.

·       Notice you can select “Unusual Activity”, “Volatility”, or “Technical” from the drop-down choices next to “Category” to display the LiveAction reports.

3.     Click “Run” next to the report that you would like to view.

·       LiveAction helps pinpoint unusual activity to help you discover opportunities in the market, such as unusual call or put activity, put-call ratio extremes, largest activity in terms of net deltas or premium, and much more.

·       It can also help identify anomalies in volatility, such as symbols with big implied volatility spikes, high inter-month volatility differences, and many other volatility scans.

·       LiveAction also scans for various bullish or bearish technical indicators.

Use the LiveAction tool on the Power E*TRADE platform to search for trading opportunities and identify hotspots in the markets.