Custom Grouping of Options Positions

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Custom Grouping of Options Positions

Learn how to use the E*TRADE Options Custom Grouping tool. Instead of viewing your options trades individually or grouped via predefined strategies, you can control how you view your options positions. 

  1. Once logged on to your E*TRADE account, use the “Trading” tab dropdown menu and launch the OptionsHouse platform. 
  2. On the platform, hover over the “Account” tab and select “Positions” from the dropdown choices. 
  3. Use the “View” dropdown menu on the Portfolio Totals tab to see your positions from different perspectives:
    • Top Level
    • Spread Level
    • Leg Level
    • Leg Only
  4. Use the Custom Grouping tool to:
    • Deconstruct complex options strategies (e.g., iron condors or butterfly spreads)
    • Create new strategies by re-grouping the positions, splitting legs, or un-pairing spreads
    • Build complex options strategies with up to four legs together (e.g., ratio spreads or broken-wing butterflies)
  5. Click on a position and select “Grouping” in the pop-up window.
  6. Click and drag legs from the left side into the dotted-line box on the right to create a new custom grouping.
  7. Edit the custom group name, split quantities, or delete a custom group.
  8. Click “Save” to create your custom Strategy Group for the highlighted positions. You will now see the custom group on your Positions tab.

By using the E*TRADE Options Custom Grouping tool, you can easily and efficiently view and manage your custom-built options strategies, putting you in control of how you trade options.