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Foundations track:

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Beyond Basics track: 

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Beyond Basics

Introduction to Options

Options continue to grow in popularity because they offer investors a wide range of flexible, strategic approaches and varying degrees of risk. Master basic concepts and definitions to lay a foundation for our subsequent options topics.

Vertical Spreads

Options spreads are positions with two or more “legs,” that when combined, create varying outcomes for a move in the underlying, and may increase the probability of success. We start by introducing spread trading with two basic “vertical” strategies: bull call spreads and bear put spreads.

Options for Speculation

Buying options allows traders to participate in bullish or bearish markets with leveraged risk. In this session you’ll learn how to consider, plan, and execute a trade using options as a substitute for stock.

Put Writing Strategies

Writing a put creates a bullish position that can be viewed as an income strategy, or as a way to potentially buy a stock at a lower price. With choices in how the position is secured, traders can build trades with a variety of risk/reward profiles, including protection against a sharp move down.

Options for Income

Options income strategies involve selling options rather than buying puts or calls. In this session, we look at covered call writing, an options strategy that traders can use for potential portfolio income by selling calls against a stock position.

Diagonal Spreads

While many longer-term investors use covered calls, some options-focused traders employ a similar strategy with less equity risk and potentially higher returns: the diagonal spread. Learn the strategy and how the concept of theta arbitrage may help improve returns and manage risk.

Options for Protection

Options play an important role in the transfer of risk among investors, and certain options positions give the stock portfolio owner an opportunity to hedge against downside risk. In this session, we show how put options can help protect an individual stock position, and how they can be used to manage a broad portfolio.

Using the Greeks

The so-called “Greeks” are a collection of statistical values that options traders can use to understand, define, and control position risk. In this session we introduce the idea of an options pricing model, explain the important outputs from a model, and show how to effectively use the most important Greeks.

Options Huddle

Join our experts for an examination of options case studies from a variety of angles. We discuss strike selection, expirations, technical trend conditions, and the market environment, and show how to call the play with confidence.

Introduction to Options on Futures

Do you know that there are also options traded on futures contracts? We look at how to use them on futures products, such as stock indexes, precious metals, and more. Find out how they compare to stock options, and how they can be employed in a trading strategy.

Tools for Options Traders l

Options traders at E*TRADE have a complete toolkit to power trades. See a demonstration of the core options trading tools, along with a look at some of our more advanced tools. We explain how to use an options chain, how to place and manage an options trade, and how to search for options ideas.

Tools for Options Traders ll

From market quotes to order management and finding ideas, options traders at E*TRADE have a wealth of tools, information, and functionality to employ when placing trades. See a demonstration tour of the ways to manage options trading like a pro.