Be a disciplined trader: tradeCYCLE by E*TRADE

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Disciplined traders eliminate emotions from their trading in order to remain focused on their strategy. Explore tradeCYCLE, our six-step disciplined trading process that removes the emotion from trading and may lead to better results over time.

Step 1: Identify opportunities using E*TRADE research tools

TradeCYCLE begins with identifying potential opportunities and doing some initial research. No matter what your trading style is, whether it’s technical, fundamental, or swing-trading, E*TRADE has the robust research tools and features to help.

Some of the most popular research tools on the OptionsHouse platform include:

  • Real-time market quotes and research
  • Charts and other technical indicator tools
  • Fundamental company information including analyst research reports
  • LiveAction can help find potental opportunities based on market activity
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Step 2: Build a trading strategy

After completing your research, you can visualize your trading strategy with tools on the OptionsHouse platform. With the integrated Snapshot Analysis tool, you can see the maximum potential risk or reward, break-even levels, probabilities, and upcoming events, all with one click.

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Source: OptionsHouse Snapshot Analysis

Step 3: Test your strategy 

Before placing a trade, you can test your strategy with E*TRADE tools, like Spectral Analysis—taking into account potential profits or losses and even determining if a trade fits your risk profile.
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Source: OptionsHouse Spectral Analysis

Step 4: Execute your trade

At E*TRADE, you have the ability to set up one-click trades, allowing you to execute your order fast and efficiently, and the option to customize your order if desired, including trade automation.
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Step 5: Create an exit plan

Successful traders have an exit strategy—this can help lock in gains and minimize losses. This is a key step in tradeCYCLE. You remove the emotions from your trading strategy by committing to a predetermined exit plan. When creating your exit plan:

  • Set up concrete exit points for every trade with set profit targets and stop loss orders. 
  • Use E*TRADE tools, such as alerts, to keep you informed on price changes.
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Source: OptionsHouse Order Ticket

Step 6: Close or adjust as needed

Even if your position looks like a winner or a loser, having the ability to make adjustments from time to time gives you the power to optimize your trades. By using the “adjust” or “roll” function on the OptionsHouse platform, you can easily modify your trade to get your desired new position. E*TRADE has tools and programs so you can easily do this to help reduce risk, take profits, repair a losing strategy, or add protection.
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Source: OptionsHouse Positions

By utilizing tradeCYCLE by E*TRADE, you can become a more disciplined trader, which can help you lock in gains and minimize losses. Launch the OptionsHouse platform from your account to start leveraging the power of tradeCYCLE.