Sustainable Investing Using Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria

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Join Meredith Block, vice president and sustainability analyst for the Investment Group at Rockefeller Capital Management. (a subadvisor of Touchstone Investments), for a look at the three central factors—environmental, social, and governance—in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of investing and how it may help better determine the risk and returns of a company’s future financial performance.


Meredith Block
Vice President and Sustainability Analyst, Investment Group at Rockefeller Capital Management (a subadvisor of Touchstone Investments)

Meredith Block, MPA, is a Vice President and Sustainability Analyst for the Sustainability and Impact Investing team within the Investment Group. Prior to joining Rockefeller Capital Management in 2015, Meredith was the Director of Programs for Africa and Asia at the Blacksmith Institute, an international non-profit dedicated to mitigating the negative externalities of rapid industrialization in emerging markets. She has implemented projects with government, the private sector and community stakeholders in over a dozen countries to reduce the environmental and human health impacts from industry and mining. She holds an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University in New York City.