Smarter Investing: Commission-free exchange-traded funds

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So you want to start setting money aside for your nest egg. You might look to exchange-traded funds (ETFs), but for small investors, commissions can be a deterrent.  Fortunately, E*TRADE has expanded its commission-free ETF offerings. This means you can start building your diversified portfolio by purchasing just one share of an ETF.


Putting ALL of your investment to work


Let’s say that at the end of every month, you have $50 to invest. That may not be enough to buy even one share of your favorite stock, much less to build that diversified portfolio everyone keeps talking about. However, it can be enough to buy a share in a well-diversified ETF. But if you get charged $10 in commissions for a $50 trade, it means that 20% of your money goes to commissions rather than to your investment. To put your entire investment amount to work, E*TRADE offers more than 100 commission-free ETFs from industry-leading providers, including Global X, Guggenheim, John Hancock, IndexIQ, and WisdomTree, covering dozens of Morningstar categories.3


Something for everyone


Our commission-free ETFs offer diverse investment selections spanning domestic, international, and specialty equities. Some ETFs cover multiple asset classes, combine passive and active investment styles, or grant access to unique strategies, such as fixed income, dividend-paying equities, and currency-hedged international equities.  Other ETFs offer a systematic investment philosophy rooted in decades of academic research based on the belief that there are certain identifiable traits in equities that may lead to better long-term investment returns.

To learn more about commission-free ETFs, visit our commission-free ETF page.

3Service fees may still apply.