Online Portfolio Advisor will recommend an investing solution that may include5:

Build Your Own Portfolio

With this solution, you have maximum flexibility in creating your portfolio. We start by giving you a target asset allocation. We then make it easy for you to create or update your portfolio to match your target allocation.3

  • Choose investments from E*TRADE's exclusive All-Star Lists6 or online screening tools
  • Adjust the percentages of each investment to align with your target allocation
  • Execute your trades with ease, monitor & rebalance on your own terms
E*TRADE Select Mutual Fund or ETF Portfolios

With this solution, the task of researching and choosing investments will be done for you. We start by giving you a target asset allocation.3 We then recommend a diversified Select Portfolio of no-load mutual funds4 or ETFs.

  • Easy one-click investing
  • Monitor & manage your own portfolio
  • Select Mutual Fund portfolios are offered to accounts starting at $25,000; Select ETF portfolios start at $10,000

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Online Managed Investment Portfolios

With this solution, you will be free from the pressures of managing money knowing that E*TRADE Capital Management is working for you. Based on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, we'll present you with an Investment Proposal for a diversified portfolio3 of mutual funds or ETFs.7

  • Monitored and rebalanced by E*TRADE Capital Management
  • For accounts starting at $25,000
  • Low advisory fee based on assets under management

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