My Virtual Advisor will recommend an investing solution that may include3:

Asset Allocator Solution

With this solution, you have maximum flexibility in creating your portfolio. We start by giving you a target asset allocation. We then make it easy for you to create or update your portfolio to match your target allocation.4

  • Choose investments from E*TRADE's exclusive All-Star Lists6 or online screening tools
  • Adjust the percentages of each investment to align with your target allocation
  • Execute your trades with ease, monitor & rebalance on your own terms


Portfolio Generator

Choose from seven diversified mutual fund portfolios, and find the one that may be right for you based on your goals and recommended asset allocation4. If your goals, risk tolerance or preferences change, revisit My Virtual Advisor & rebalance if necessary. Low $25,000 minimum account opening.

  • All no-load, no-transaction fee mutual funds 5
  • Actively-managed funds
  • Simple diversification
  • Easy one-click investing
  • Monitor & manage your own pre-selected portfolio
Adaptive Portfolio

With this solution, you will be free from the pressures of managing money knowing that E*TRADE Capital Management is working for you. Based on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, we'll present you with an Investment Proposal for a diversified portfolio4 of mutual funds or ETFs.7

  • Monitored and rebalanced by E*TRADE Capital Management
  • For accounts starting at $10,000
  • Low advisory fee