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January 2013

This Year, Resolve to Keep Those Resolutions

By E*TRADE Securities

It's that time of year again. Families are reviewing their year-end bills and resolving that 2013 will be different. This year they will take control of their personal finances and get focused on their retirement plans. "While there is never a wrong time to take control of your finances and plan for retirement, the new year presents an excellent opportunity," says Mike Loewengart, Director of Investment Strategy for E*TRADE. "Making some simple, yet effective, moves today can yield great dividends in the future."

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Market Commentary

  • January 2013

    The China Effect

    As the world's growth engine shifts gears, investors look to new areas of opportunity
    E*TRADE Securities

    After three decades of double-digit annual growth, China's economy has been slowing since 2010. In the third quarter of 2012 its annualized growth rate was 7.2%, and economists expect it to pick up only slightly to 8.1% in 2013. Of course, those numbers look good in comparison to most industrialized regions, including the United States and Europe.

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Investing Insights

  • December 2012

    Economic Update4

    Richard Hoey, Chief Economist Dreyfus

    Find insights on various segments of the markets from Dreyfus' own economist.

  • Q4 2012

    Market Commentary - Quarter-End Insights4

    Heather Brilliant, CFA

    Quarter-End Insights Collection. Get Morningstar analyst's take on the big issues and the best opportunities today.

  • January 2013

    Corporate Bond Market Update - Retail Trades of Municipal Bonds4

    BondDeskGroup, LLC

    Follow the retail trading activity in the corporate bond market. Data and analysis provided by BondDesk, a leading fixed income technology firm.

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