Unlock opportunities & hedge against risk

Options can play a role in virtually every investor’s portfolio. They can be used to hedge against risk, generate income, and even speculate on market moves. E*TRADE has an array of tools and specialized guidance for options traders of all levels.

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Options are a smart move for...

Hedging Your Risk
Protect the value of your portfolio and stocks you already own

Generating Income
Generate income with covered call or Level I, risk-limited options techniques

Creating Leverage
Use basic to aggressive approaches to capitalize on market moves

The advantages of trading options at E*TRADE:

  • Innovative Tools - Intuitive trading tools and ideas for both new and experienced options investors
  • Smart Technology - Best-in-class analytics, the Greeks, and a multi-legged trade ticket that let you combine up to 4 options or 3 options plus stock in a single order
  • Mobile Trading - Analyze your choices and place options trades from anywhere
  • Exceptional Value - Low, flat commission pricing with only 75¢ per options contract

Speed, Ideas & Technology—Exactly What Option Traders Demand

E*TRADE’s remarkably sophisticated—yet easy to use—options trading tools enable you to trade with more confidence and precision.

Options Chains
With an easy-to-use format, multiple chain types, and streaming theoretical & risk parameters, our options chains practically do the work for you.

Total Trade Ticket
Enter all types of custom orders including 2, 3, and 4-leg options strategies from one intuitive dashboard.

Options Charts
Get a clear view of critical market data including price, put/call ratio, implied volatility, and skew charts.

Options Screener
Quickly scan the market to identify the options strategies that align with your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.

Strategy Optimizer
Scan and analyze all potential strategies to find the best one for you. Especially useful for high-speed trading.

Options Analyzer
Before you make your trade, this tool calculates how much you could potentially gain or lose. It puts everything you need to know at your fingertips.

Probability Calculator
Find out the probability of a stock closing inside or outside a certain range based on the time frame and volatility you specify.

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