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E*TRADE has what you need to feel at
home trading global currencies on the forex market. From the British Pound Sterling to the Japanese Yen and everything in between, our industry-leading platform ensures you can take advantage of opportunities wherever they arise, 24 hours
a day, five days a week.

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Forex is a smart move for...

Anticipating Currency Fluctuations
Trade round the clock, 5 days a week with 56 currency pairs.

Diversifying Your Trading
Seek potential returns and emerging opportunities in markets worldwide.

Employing Leverage
Take advantage of up to 50:1 leverage (compared to 15:1 in futures and 4:1 in equities).

E*TRADE’s easy-to-use, intuitive forex platform provides:

  • 56 currency pairs to trade
  • Advanced charting
  • $0.00 per trade - E*TRADE is compensated through a bid-ask spread2

Get reliable and fair execution with E*TRADE FX, our premier platform for expert Forex traders. Advanced tools include:

Trading Signals
Get trend and sentiment signals by time or by currency pair.

Weekly Forecasts
See bullish, bearish and neutral forecasts by currency pair.

Support and Resistance
View support and resistance levels with strength ratings.

Global Economic Calendar
Stay current with events from all over the world.

Latest Market Commentary
Expert analysis and news throughout the day.

Forex Trading Specialists
Get answers from our experienced Forex Service Team: 1-855-232-2757.

Get up to $600 cash credit1

When you open a forex trading account

Get up to $600 cash credit1

When you open a forex trading account