Global Growth Opportunities with International Investing

International Investing opens up a world of exciting possibilities. You can broaden your investing and trading horizons, diversify your portfolio, and even tap into the potential of emerging markets.4 Choices include individual stocks of foreign companies, international mutual funds and international ETFs. While there are special considerations and risks, there's also the potential for increased total returns.

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Fast Facts

Access international markets at E*TRADE

You can invest in international markets with ADRs, ETFs, and mutual funds in your E*TRADE brokerage accounts or if you prefer to trade foreign stocks directly in local currencies you can upgrade your E*TRADE brokerage account with a Global Trading Account.

At E*TRADE You Can:

  • Invest in securities from 77 international markets,
  • Trade foreign equities in 35 countries in US dollars.
  • Trade stocks online in 6 global markets in 5 local currencies6.

Why Choose E*TRADE for international investing

Diversify internationally with:

  • Global Stock Trading - Trade stocks in Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and the U.K. in your E*TRADE Global Trading Account
  • International Funds - Choose from over 1,200 international mutual funds & ETFs in your regular E*TRADE brokerage account
  • ADRs & Ordinary Shares - Access to 60 international exchanges and 35 countries through your regular E*TRADE account

Get powerful research tools:

  • Real-time Quotes5- On over 6,100 non-U.S. exchange traded securities
  • Free Independent Research - In-depth analyst reports on thousands of leading global companies
  • Charts & News - Find out what's happening with your favorite international companies

Every E*TRADE customer also gets:

  • FREE investing & trading education3
  • FREE independent research & analysis
  • Help & guidance when you need it
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