Returns a list of E*TRADE accounts for the current user.

This API returns a list of E*TRADE accounts for the current user. Only brokerage accounts are returned - that is, accounts that can be used for trading, as opposed to credit cards, etc.

HTTP Method: GET
Request Parameters

No parameters.

Response Properties
Property Type Description
accountDesc string A text description of the account
accountId integer Numeric account ID
marginLevel string The account's margin level. Possible values are: CASH, MARGIN.
netAccountValue double The total value of the account. This includes cash plus stocks, options, mutual funds, and bonds.
registrationType string The type of account. Possible values are: INDIVIDUAL, JOINT, CORPORATE, IRA, ESTATE, TRUST.
Sample Request
GET https://etws.etrade.com/accounts/rest/accountlist
Sample Response - XML
    <accountDesc>SIMPLE IRA</accountDesc>

Sample response - JSON

  "AccountListResponse": {
    "Account": [
        "accountDesc": "MyAccount-1",
        "accountId": "83405188",
        "marginLevel": "MARGIN",
        "netAccountValue": "9999871.82",
        "registrationType": "INDIVIDUAL"
        "accountDesc": "MyAccount-3",
        "accountId": "83405553",
        "marginLevel": "CASH",
        "netAccountValue": "100105468.99",
        "registrationType": "INDIVIDUAL"
        "accountDesc": "SIMPLE IRA",
        "accountId": "83405188",
        "marginLevel": "CASH",
        "netAccountValue": "99794.13",
        "registrationType": "IRA"
Sample use cases
Some possible use cases and workflows are described below.
Purpose Workflow Related APIs
List accounts,
account detail
Display the type, description, and net value for each of the user's accounts as well as a detail display for each account. List Accounts,
Get Account Balance,
Get Account Positions
Set the active account for a trade When setting up an order, allow the user to select an account; this is critical when a user has multiple accounts and wants to place an order in a specific account (e.g., IRA rather than day-trading account). List Accounts,
Get Account Balance
Retrieve account summary info for order lists, order previews, and order validation When listing orders, previewing an order, or validating an order before placing it, use List Accounts to look up the account type, description, and balance(s). Get Account Balance,
List Orders,
Preview Equity Order,
Preview Option Order,
Preview Equity Order Change,
Preview Option Order Change
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