Experienced Support for Executive Services

Our specialized stock plan professionals can provide hands-on planning support for your executives.

Custom 10b5-1 Plan Development

We can work with your executives to help design structured trading plans that may help minimize legal risk, even for transactions made during blackout periods.

Restricted Stock Sales Support

At E*TRADE Securities, we can assist with timely, accurate transaction reporting, including Section 16, Rule 144, and Rule 701 filings.

Pre-Clearance & Section 16 Filings

Our Executive Services team can work with your legal and stock plan teams on pre-clearance procedures and Section 16 filings for your executives.

Risk Management & Monetization

We can help your executives create a customized strategy to potentially help minimize capital gains taxes and help minimize the potential risk inherent in a large, single-stock position1.

Block-Trading Execution Support

We can provide execution support for special handling trades2.

Investment Guidance

Our experienced Corporate Services Financial Consultants are always available to discuss your executives' investment needs, goals, and strategies for the future.3