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Take control

Make your own decisions, with support from our investing tools, market data, and analyst insights.  

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View and track with our online tools

Making investing decisions isn’t always easy. But getting information should be. Our tools put the data you need at your fingertips.

  • Screeners to help you quickly search through stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and bonds
  • Dashboards for monitoring your portfolio and tracking the markets in real time
  • A Retirement Planning Calculator2 to help you see how much you’ll need to save
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Find fresh ideas and information 

Investors are often looking to learn just a little bit more. We can help you be more informed—with investing ideas, analysis, and educational material about how the market works.

  • Investing ideas based on today’s headlines, ongoing trends, and the fundamentals that drive the markets
  • Educational articles, videos, courses, webinars, and more
  • Analyst reports and market commentary

Ready to get started?

With easy-to-use trading tools, in-depth information, and the freedom to buy and sell for yourself, we can help you get what you need to build your portfolio. And you’re one click away from getting started.

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Talk to our Financial Consultants3

Tools and information are important, but sometimes you need to talk to a real person. That’s why we have Financial Consultants and live on-call Customer Service.  

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Get live guidance and support

Whether you’re looking for investing guidance or answers about our services, we have professionals on call to help.

  • Contact our Financial Consultants by phone or email, or in person at our branches
  • Our Financial Consultants can provide financial guidance, including specific investment recommendations
  • Chat or phone Customer Service 24/7

We’re on call, right now

Live professionals are available to all of our customers—and our customers-to-be.  

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Let us do it for you

If you’re looking for professional management, we can build a portfolio customized to your needs, monitor it as necessary, and adjust it to keep you moving
toward your goals.

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A portfolio customized for you

Our managed accounts start with your needs. E*TRADE Capital Management will work with you to find out about your goals and your investing style before they build your portfolio.

  • Get a diversified portfolio with ETFs, mutual funds, and (for some accounts) stocks or bonds
  • We handle all buying and selling
  • Your portfolio will be monitored on an ongoing basis and rebalanced
    to help keep you on track
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Personal service from dedicated Financial Consultants 

When you choose to enroll in a Managed Investment Portfolio, Unified Managed Account, or Fixed Income Separately Managed Account you’ll have your own dedicated professional along with E*TRADE Capital Management who offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Tax-sensitive investment strategies
  • Solutions and guidance for retirement and goal planning
  • Quarterly performance reports

Compare all managed solutions

Adaptive Portfolio (AP)

A portfolio that rebalances itself automatically

Managed Investment Portfolio (MIP)

Dedicated Financial Consultant support

Unified Managed Account (UMA)

Get a custom portfolio of individual securities

Fixed Income Separately Managed Account (FISMA)

Professional Portfolio Managers

Initial portfolio minimum $5,000
$25,000 $150,000

Annual advisory fee4

Any underlying fund
expenses will apply


Flat 0.30%

No trading commissions 


0.90% or less

No trading commissions


1.25% or less

No trading commissions

0.75% or less for actively managed fixed income portfolios

0.45% or less for laddered bond portfolios

No trading commissions

Client support
Access to a team of Investment Adviser Representatives5

Dedicated Investment Adviser Representative or designated Managed Account Support Team

Dedicated Investment Adviser Representative, plus access to third-party professional money managers
Dedicated Investment Adviser Representative, plus access to third-party professional Portfolio Managers
Portfolio investments Exchange-traded funds

Choice of
• All ETFs
• All mutual funds
• Hybrid of ETFs and mutual funds 

Customized mix of
• Stocks
• ETFs
• Mutual funds

• Corporate bonds
• Municipal bonds
• U.S. Gov't bonds
Tax-related features Tax-sensitive portfolio options available

Tax-sensitive portfolio options available

Tax-aware portfolio management

Personalized tax-loss harvesting available

Tax-sensitive municipal
bond portfolios
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