E*TRADE Bank Complete Savings Account

Earn 16x the national average on your money1
  • No monthly fees or account minimums
  • Easy access to your stock plan proceeds when you need them 
  • FDIC protection for maximum security 


annual percentage yield (APY)



the national average

Get a great rate for your stock plan proceeds

Transferring your stock plan proceeds to an E*TRADE Complete Savings Account will keep your money working for you, by earning interest while you decide your next move

Competitive rates

Keep your money working hard with a 1.50% APY. That's 16x the national average.1

Easy access

With real-time transfers2 to your linked brokerage account, you can quickly take advantage of investment opportunities


Keeping your savings, investments, and stock plan assets in one place could make it easier to plan your future goals

FDIC insured

Assets in your savings account are FDIC insured up to $250,000

E*TRADE Complete Savings Account FAQs

Who is eligible to open an E*TRADE Bank Complete Savings Account?

Only U.S. stock plan participants at select E*TRADE Corporate Services clients are eligible to open a Complete Savings Account. To see if you have an eligible employee Stock Plan Account please call 1-800-838-0908.

Is there a minimum deposit to open a Complete Savings Account?

You can open the account with as little as a $1.

Is there a minimum daily balance requirement?

No. There is not a minimum daily balance requirement.

How do I transfer funds between my linked E*TRADE Brokerage Account and my Complete Savings Account?

Once you open your E*TRADE Complete Savings Account, you automatically have the ability to transfer stock plan proceeds from your E*TRADE Securities brokerage account (this account is linked to your stock plan account) online with just a click. You can also move cash from external bank and brokerage accounts by setting up our convenient Transfer Money3 feature. Check and wire deposits are also accepted.

How many withdrawals can I make from my Complete Savings Account each month?

Federal law limits the number of certain types of withdrawals and transfers from a savings account to a combined total of six per calendar month, per account. If you exceed the transaction limit, we may be required to convert your account to an E*TRADE Checking account, remove the account’s transfer and draft capabilities, or even close the account. See the Account Agreement for details. The transactions that count towards the withdrawal limit include, but are not limited to, online money transfers, outgoing wire transfers, and withdrawals directed over the phone.