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  • Product
    Best For...
  • Stocks
    Growth & value strategies, flexibility, income generation (dividends)

    $9.99 / Trade

    $7.99 w/150+ Trades/Qtr2
  • Options
    Hedging investment positions, risk management, leveraged growth strategies
    $.75 / per options contract
    $9.99 / trade
    $7.99 w/150+ Trades/Qtr
  • Futures5
    Investing in commodities, and to respond to market volatility
    $2.99 / per contract / per side (+ fees)
  • Forex
    Trading global currencies.
    $0.00 / Trade9
    E*TRADE is compensated through a bid-ask spread9
  • ETFs
    Balanced portfolio, diversification, tracking commodities, currencies and indices, built-in flexibility, low cost
    $9.99 / Trade
    $7.99 w/150+ Trades/Qtr2
    (some ETFs contain additional management fees)
  • Mutual Funds
    Balanced portfolio, diversification
    (1,300+ w/no load, no transaction fees)5
  • Bonds & Fixed Income
    Balanced portfolio, capital preservation, income generation, risk management
    $1 / bond6
    Online secondary market trades
    ($10 minimum, $250 maximum)
  • International Investing7
    Balanced portfolio, growth strategies, currency risk management
    Foreign Stocks: ~$19.99
    American Depository Receipt (ADR): $9.99
    International ETFs: $9.99
    International Mutual Funds: Variable
*Any investment contains certain risk. Talk to an E*TRADE Investing Professional or visit the Investor Education Center to understand how to limit risk in your portfolio.
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