Options Trading Tools

E*TRADE gives active traders one of the most advanced, easy-to-use, tools so you can trade options with confidence and precision.


NEW Total Trade Ticket

Enter all types of custom orders including 2, 3, and 4-leg options strategies from an easy-to-use screen.


Options Chains

Featuring streaming theoretical values and the Greeks, options chains do the work for you - showing the risk in any strategy.


Options Charts

Get a clear view of the market data you need, including price, put/call ratio, implied volatility, and skew charts.


NEW Options Screener

Scan the market to find the options strategies that align with your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.


NEW Strategy Optimizer

Scans & compares all potential strategies to find the best one for you. Especially useful for high-speed trading.


NEW Options Analyzer

Gives you the edge, calculating how much you could potentially gain or lose before you make your trade.


NEW Probability Calculator

Find out the probability of a stock closing inside or outside a certain range based on the time frame and volatility you specify.

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